Follow Friday

January 8, 2016

This week I am starting two brand new series! Yesterday I posted my first Wedding Wednesday, and today is Follow Friday!

Follow Friday is for my fellow photographers that are looking to learn more about their craft from FREE recourses and blog posts written by other photographers with a small twist to how I have implemented their thoughts and advice into my business! (Hopefully that made sense.) I know for myself I am constantly wanting to learn new ways to make my business thrive and grow, and I believe there are a lot of you out there trying to do the same thing. There are so many different ways to learn from some of the best in the business: workshops, coaching, webinars, etc., but in reality how many of us actually have the money to be able to invest in all of those things. I know I certainly can’t… Thank, Loans and Life!

Instead, I look for resources that are free and, you guys, I don’t think enough of us really utilize what is already out there! We kind of sit and wish we had enough money to attend all these amazing events and workshops, but don’t look into what other creatives have put out into the world for us to see. I am so grateful for the photographers that teach and give back, it has truthfully made me into the photographer I am today and I am still constantly learning! Now I want to contribute in my own way through this series.

I have a blog calendar filled with ideas and thoughts, but if you have anything you really want to learn more about please feel free to contact me and I will share my insight and where you can go to learn more about that particular topic!!

I can’t wait to get this series started!! FREE LEARNING FOR EVERYONE!

Pretty picture just because.


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