Virginia and DC
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Corrin Jasinski

Behind the Lens

Meet Corrin

I’m a joyful, sunshine filled human who strongly believes dogs, Starbucks, and marriage make the world go round.

I am a human first, wedding photographer second.

A destination wedding photographer based in Virginia for the fun loving, down to earth couple who values time well spent, good food, and above all else their relationships with their people. And after 7 years of photographing weddings, I’ve learned that my favorite part of my job is not just the photography part, but the people part.

Through effortless posing filled with natural light and laughter, you will receive images that feel like you and tell a part of your love story. Beyond the beautiful photos, my couples receive a detailed, organized, and one of a kind experience with me, so that they can truly live their wedding day!

I'm Corrin

about Me

my approach is simply this:

Wedding photographers play an impactful role on your wedding day. Yes, they take monumental and stunning photos, but they also have the power change the atmosphere of every room they walk into, every person they talk to, and this matters to me.

My priority is to be the kindest person in the room, the extra hand whenever it is needed, and be the direct yet gentle encourager- so you and your people can feel comfortable and their very best.

As your wedding photographer, I will go above and beyond to give you an incredible wedding experience while capturing your once in a lifetime wedding.

about you

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You are kind, creative, and think outside the box. You love traditions, but not for tradition's sake... You want to throw a wedding that feels like you. 

As you begin to plan one of the best days of your lives, their main priority is to celebrate and spend time with the people who have shaped you into the individuals and couple you are today! You value the importance of photography, but more importantly understand the value of hiring a photographer who will treat you and your guests like family.

You want to spend your wedding day celebrating and making memories, and with me as your photographer, you confidently know that will happen.