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Here to help photographers and small business owners set themselves apart through impactful imagery and small form video education, so they can attract dream clients and build thriving businesses!

Or possibly past time... Whether you've successfully avoided Reels for the past few years or you've created a few here and there and are still not understanding the hype. I'm here to help. Let's create Reels that ENHANCE your brand and bring in clients that value YOU.

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Reels Education for the

Whether you choose the Reels audit, the 1:1 coaching, or the Done-For-You Reels option, you are choosing to change your business for the better. You are choosing to up level your business and in return, you'll gain a new community who will then change into dream clients.

Marketing through social media, specifically Instagram, is hard enough as it is- with the ever changing algorithm, the comparison game, and everything in between... I get it, adding Reels didn't help.

BUT let ME, help YOU! Let's crush small form video together!

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If you are ready to STAND OUT in your saturated market, book ideal clients, and confidently show up through video...

1:1 Reels Zoom call


You're a thriving small business owner who wants do more of what you love- which doesn't mean catching up with the trends.

You know that Reels and TikTok will get you to the next level, but with all the things on your busy to-do list, making Reels isn't one of them.

So let ME help YOU...

(AKA do it for you...)

You're overwhelmed with the idea of Reels. You don't know where to start or what to post!

Let's change that- right now... today!

Your 1:1 coaching will be tailored around your business, your ideal audience, and most importantly YOU!

We'll go over all your pain points, talk strategy and ideas, so you'll leave confident and ready to crush Reels!

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Reels in-person coaching

This is not your average coaching...

You will learn how to implement Reels that fit your brand, what strategies I use to turn viewers into followers, but most importantly we will create Reels that feel true to you AND in real time- together! This way you leave with knowledge AND content you can start posting that week.

If you are small business owner looking to stand out in a saturated market through video, this is for you!




what's included

how it works

this is for you if...

- You want to add Reels to your social media strategy, but don't know where to start.

- You

- You're frustrated and overwhelmed with small form video.

- You want another set of eyes on your Reels and get some honest feedback!

1. Once the retainer is paid and your spot is saved, this is when the fun begins!

2. Before the workshop even begins, you will be given homework and access to Voxer me during my office hours.

3. When it comes time for the Workshop, we will hit the ground running with valuable content and then dive deep into how YOU can start implementing Reels that day!

4. You'll leave the workshop empowered and confident to create and post more Reels!

- A FULL day of Reels education mixed with time to create Reels right then and there, so we can work together to help you create viral worthy Reels

- Voxer hours before the workshop to help with any questions!

- Access to a Private Facebook Group where you'll receive the latest trends, ask your questions, and collaborate with an amazing community


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this is for you if...

how it works

what's included




- You don't know where to begin when it comes to small form video like Reels and TikTok

- You want no fluff, straight to the point coaching that, in return, will help you grow and gain confidence

- You need someone to collaborate with you. Someone that will lead you to a successful Reels strategy.

- You can't think of content to post that feels like you while also adding value to your ideal client!

- How to make a "good" Reel (Everything from the basics to music to trends- all the good stuff!)

- You'll learn the different types of Reels you can make and specifically how you can use them for your niche

- 10 Reels/TikTok Content Ideas Specific to your niche and ideal client

- Access to my Private Reels Facebook Group, where you'll learn about trends before anyone else, ask all the questions, and collaborate with others!

- You will pick a time and date for your 1:1 Coaching Call

- I'll start digging deep into your Instagram and website to start building content ideas for you

- You will fill out a questionnaire, so when we hop on our 2 hour call, we will waste no time

- After our call, you'll have the choice to set up a follow up call because if you'll learn anything from me- it's consistency is key when it comes to Instagram!


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this is for you if...

how it works

what's included



- 8 hours of content creation and production/per session

- Music and trend research, so you have all the most up to date sounds

- Consultation Call, plus a Pre Planning Call

- Minimum of 12 Done-For-You Reels (we'll talk more about this on our consultation call)

- A Posting Strategy specific to your audience

- You understand the importance of video, but you don't have time to make it a priority. (You're running a business- I get it!)

- You want to charge more for your services and up level your business, and you know outsourcing is the way to go!

- You have trouble posting consistently and feel overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with on-going content


1. You'll choose Done-FOR-YOU Reels Day OR a custom monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly Reels creation subscription.

2. After we set a date on the calendar, we will start digging deep into your brand, your ideal client, values, and goals!

3. We will talk about the type of Reels you want to post and how we can best serve your audience with Reels

4. When Reels creation day arrives, I will film, produce, and edit your Reels, so that you can start posting consistently!

book now

How long is the call?

Coaching calls are an hour long!

What do we talk about during the call?

Your call is very tailored to your pain points with Reels and goals within your business and social media! So no topic is off the table.

How much do I need to prep before hand?

Before your coaching call, you will receive a questionnaire from me to fill out, and then after that all you need to do is jot down your most burning Reels questions you want to ask me!

FAQ'S for 1:1 reels Coaching Call


what happens after the call, can I email you with questions?

You will receive a Word Document with all my custom notes pertaining to your pain points and next steps!

AND, you will receive full access to me through Voxer for a week after your call.

Will you edit them for me?

All Reels are 100% edited for you, so they are ready to post whenever you'd like!

how many reels will you be able to create in this time?

The number changes from client to client depending on the type of Reels we make and your goals. I estimate 12-16 Reels per session. (AKA a month to 2 months worth of content!)

can we do this in person?

OH YEAH! Actually all Done-For-You Reels are only in person, right now! It's best for me to be there to assist and assure everything is truly done for you.

FAQ'S for

Yes! We go in depth about what type of Reels you want to share and your goals behind why you want to post Reels, after that I begin my Reels research and brainstorming for you. (We can tag team this, but overall this service is very tailored to each client!)

Will you help me with content ideas?


how is this different than a coaching call ?

Not only is this service in person, but you also get to learn how-to make Reels in real time. With two online calls to learn and game plan, you also get to implement what you learned with me right by your side!

do you travel?

I travel anywhere and every where for this service!

do you create the reels for me?

We will film and edit Reels together. You will be creating all the Reels yourself with me right there to help and trouble-shoot any questions!

I want you to leave this session with the confidence to create Reels on your own! 

FAQ'S for reels
in-person Coaching


how do i know if this coaching is for me?

If you are overwhelmed with Reels, don't know where to start, and/or not sure how to implement them to fit your brand, this is for you!

I get it. You feel a little overwhelmed.
(maybe a lot overwhelmed)
You already have so many things to do as a small business owner. 

The Resources

Here's a few goodies to help you out!

Did you know the first 2-3 seconds determines whether or not someone will watch your Reel?

Well, with this guide turn your viewers into followers and followers into loyal customers!

my free guide

10 Easy To Use Hooks
for Viral Worthy Reels



Thank you so much for your interest (believe me, I'm just as excited as you are)! Please complete the form below or feel free to email me directly at