Dear Instagram, On March 15th, I went onto your app, posted an image, did my normal scrolling, and then closed out. *5 minutes later I went back onto your app to then experience that one of my worst nightmares had just become real life. “Error. Your account has been disabled for violating our terms…” In […]

Apr 10

My Story Almost 3 years ago, I moved to Northern Virginia to be with MJ. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer, but also knew that doing that was not a logical choice. So, in the mean time, I worked at a high school and then an elementary school to […]

Mar 30

Why Second Shooting Makes You a Better Photographer When I thought about starting my own photography business, I looked every where and any where for advice, and one thing that I constantly read about was second shooting for other photographers. Doing this would not only give you the experience and chance to learn from someone […]

This week I am starting two brand new series! Yesterday I posted my first Wedding Wednesday, and today is Follow Friday! Follow Friday is for my fellow photographers that are looking to learn more about their craft from FREE recourses and blog posts written by other¬†photographers with a small twist to how I have implemented […]