Dear Bride: What NOT to Do Before Your Engagement Session

October 6, 2016

Hey there, pretty lady!

During this series, I have written a lot of posts for ideas on what to do for different aspects of your planning, but for this post I’m writing about what you definitely should NOT do.

Last weekend, I had my own engagement session!! It turned out so amazing, but the before parts of the engagement session were not so amazing… I was stressed, some tears were shed, and I was running out of time (literally), so here are some tips to not be like me before your engagement session!

  • Procrastination: Don’t Do It. Pick your outfits way ahead of time.
    • Procrastination is the devil. Time and time again, I wait until the very last minute to do things, and this time it really bit me in the butt. I’ve had my formal dress since November, not a problem, but I completely forgot to try it on… And when I did, I realized I needed sticky boobs (girl problems). Mom picked those up literally while the session was happening.
    • Next problem, MJ needed a formal outfit, so we went to Macy’s 4 days before the session and that took at least 2 hours and not a whole lot of love and smiles came out of that trip…
    • Next problem, we needed casual outfits (this is now two days before the session)… We got his pretty fast, but for me I literally bought it the night before my engagement session, right when the store was closing.
    • All this happened in the span of 4 days… Not okay and NOT a good idea.

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  • Shoes. Do not forget about the shoes.
    • I’m not a shoe girl, not my thang, so I completely forgot to buy them. I went bare foot for the fancy outfit and wore my worn brown sandals for another. It worked out perfectly, but he also needed shoes… Shoes just didn’t happen for us because we waited too long, so don’t be us.
  • Bring Back Ups.
    • You never know what will happen in the car ride, so bring another outfit just in case. Luckily this didn’t happen to us, but I did have back ups! You can never be too careful!

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  • Plan for Extra Time.
    • Give yourself some wiggle room! You won’t regret it! We were right on time, but we were going from one thing to another. We were racing the sun that wasn’t really there to begin with, so plan for extra time!! You’ll feel more relaxed!
  • Makeup and Hair Trials.
    • If you decide to get your hair and makeup done, do it with someone that has done it for you before. It costs money and takes time, so you want to make sure you like it and you are comfortable with how you look!!

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  • Breathe and Don’t Hate On the Fiance.
    • Guilty. 100% Guilty. I was stressed. I didn’t like the way I looked, I was running out of time, we had to drive three hours, and it was cloudy… I was not a kind person, and the person who happened to be there through it all and get the wrath of Corrin was my loving and undeserving fiance. Yes, he said some things that really didn’t help the situation, but he is a boy and doesn’t know much better. He didn’t deserve the sass or the silent treatment or the unkind words I may or may not have said. SO don’t be me, and breathe and realize what you are about to do… Your engagement session. You are getting married! Don’t hate on the man that loves you and probably doesn’t even want to take photos in the first place! Love on him!! (Even when he says the things that make you want to strangle him. <3)

Overall, don’t procrastinate, plan for extra time, and be kind and smile, you are about to take your engagement photos!

I hope this helps prepare you for your engagement session! You are going to look SO good, and you are going to LOVE your images!! Have fun!!


(P.S. My engagement pictures will be all over the blog tomorrow! EEK!)

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