Mash Up Tuesday

October 11, 2016

Sorry, Mash Up Monday friends, I failed you yesterday. It was a long day after an even longer weekend:  three canceled sessions, being super sick, and Hurricane Matthew flooding everything.

Saturday consisted of rain, mist, a WHOLE LOT of wind, and flash flooding (which I didn’t think was an actual thing until I witnessed it myself)! Hurricane Matthew definitely didn’t disappoint the Tidewater region. For all of the vendors that had a wedding this weekend, go you!! I am giving you the biggest cyber high five ever. Seriously, this weekend was not easy, but I just know you all rocked it!

Audrey and I photographed a wedding in Downtown Norfolk, and it was one heck of a party, in one heck of a storm. The reception ran on generators and I ended being trapped in Norfolk for the night (thanks Audrey for housing me)!! My plans were skewed from the gecko, but it ended up being a weekend filled with seeing the people I love most in this world!

I got to see my ENTIRE family all at once (this hasn’t happened in a long time), I saw my old field hockey coach, and I got to spend hours with my best friend… The next time I will see her she will be getting MARRIED!! AHHHH!! WHAT!?

It was a crazy weekend, but one of the best ones I’ve had in a while!


As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the last week!

  • Never kiss a teacher… They contain germs that you can’t escape from…
  • Flash floods are crazy and REAL! There needs to be an app that tells you where roads are flooded.
  • I miss playing field hockey! Watching my sister KICK BUTT on Saturday makes me want to go back and play!
  • How in the world is it the middle of October already!? I don’t quite understand where time is going, but it can slow down!
  • Soup has become my best friend over the past few days.

Well, again, I can’t remember what all happened last week, but there you go for this week’s Mash Up! Stay tuned for MY engagement photos and this wedding that I second shot with Audrey!!





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