Dear Instagram, On March 15th, I went onto your app, posted an image, did my normal scrolling, and then closed out. *5 minutes later I went back onto your app to then experience that one of my worst nightmares had just become real life. “Error. Your account has been disabled for violating our terms…” In […]

Aug 30

Going to Italy has always been a dream of mine! I wanted to go in college for study abroad, but couldn’t afford it. One day, I knew it would happen, and this summer it did! AND it was as amazing as I anticipated it to be! In Italy, we stopped in four different cities:  The […]

Aug 23

As many of you know or have seen through Instagram, MJ and I have been traveling the world this summer! Our first adventure was Alaska. MJ’s parents took us and my sister in law’s family on an Alaskan cruise, and it was incredible. Yeah, let’s start there. Incredible. From the moment MJ’s mom told us […]

Jul 30

Ruff Ruff! Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t speak dog.  Let me translate, good morning!  As you may have seen from my mom’s (AKA Corrin) instagram, she and my dad (AKA M.J.) have been off jet setting around the globe without me.  That’s right, they left for 5 weeks and didn’t take me, Lily, the world’s best dog. Something […]

Jun 25

Hi friends, Happy Monday from one of my favorite places on the planet, Stone Harbor! First off, I would like to apologize for missing last week’s Mash Up Monday! (Man, first time ever, but it was a little crazy!) Last week I was in Charleston for 3 days to photograph an elopement! (More on that […]