Mash Up Monday

June 25, 2018

Hi friends, Happy Monday from one of my favorite places on the planet, Stone Harbor!

First off, I would like to apologize for missing last week’s Mash Up Monday! (Man, first time ever, but it was a little crazy!) Last week I was in Charleston for 3 days to photograph an elopement! (More on that this week!) And when I was actually home, my time was spent packing, doing laundry, answering emails, and preparing for Saturday’s wedding! I keep thinking back to last week asking myself, “Was that even real?” Because honestly, it feels like a dream!

As you all know, the next few weeks are going to be so amazing and filled with so many adventures! But, for now, we are in Stone Harbor, NJ with my family, and I couldn’t be more at home if I tried… Correction, if Lily was here, then it would be perfect! (If you are wondering where Lily will be the next few weeks while we are away, she will be living her best life with her Doggy Grandparents, Nannie and Pops!)

As always, lessons learned/events that have transpired over the past week:

  • I flew all by myself for the first time, and I did it without any hiccups! YAY! (I was pretty nervous, not going to lie!)
  • I truly understand the hype about Charleston! It’s amazing and so beautiful. I was truly so happy the entire time I was there. It really felt like home! (I’m working on ways to move down there near our friends… You read it here first!)
  • Favorite meal while in Charleston… Seafood! I had this grouper. SO good!
  • My friend’s home is stunning! Jane decorated it SO well! Also they have a room for their cats… Every cat lovers dream!
  • OH, I got eyelash extensions!! How crazy is that? I’ve been debating for so long and I finally did it! It’s weird at first, but they are really pretty and I like them a lot!
  • I had to say bye to Lily because I won’t see her until August… I balled. I miss her so much already!
  • OHH, because I missed last week’s Mash Up Monday, I wasn’t able to tell you about MJ and I’s 1st Anniversary! Cannot believe we have been married for over a year now! Love that man, what an amazing day!

You might be wondering, “How are you going to post over the next couple of weeks?” Well, are you ready!? TUESDAY TAKEOVER is taking the place of Mash Up Monday for the next month! Each week someone new will be taking over the blog to write about their week, their relationship with me, and whatever they really want! (I’m also going to try and send them updates about my travels too!) Stay tuned!

Also, stay tuned for this week’s blog posts! Holy Moly!! SO many good things coming to the blog!! Take a look at these sneak peeks and get excited!

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