Dear Bride: 10 Tips on What to Wear at Your Engagement Session

April 6, 2016

Hey there, brides to be! How’s all the wedding planning going? Mine is on at a stand still right now to fully devote my time and energy to my brides because wedding season, for me, begins in just a few weeks!! EEK! Engagement sessions are in full bloom though, and I LOVE it. These sessions are my all time favorite part of wedding season! (If you missed the post to why you should have an engagement session read more here!!)

Now that you planned your engagement session though, what in the world do you wear? Oh, the options. What color? What style? Here are some of my recommendations:

  1. First and foremost, be comfortable!
    • Make sure you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your outfit choices! It will completely show in your images if you are uncomfortable. For example, I wear loose fitting clothes. It’s what I feel the most comfortable in, and so if I were to wear something skin tight, I would be so worried about what I looked like. I probably wouldn’t enjoy the session very much and I probably wouldn’t like the images either. You know you the best!
  2. Colors
    • You know what colors you rock and what colors just don’t work for you. If one of your outfits is bold, I would recommend having the other person wear something more neutral!
    • Play of the location! If you are doing a woodsy engagement session, maybe try a complimentary color like red or purple!
  3. FLOWY. (This 100% my personal opinion.)
    • Flowy dresses photograph so beautifully. If you are looking for a glamorous, elegant, or even a bohemian look, flowy dresses are for you. (My secret website for the perfect flowy dress… LuLu’s)
  4. Choose one casual outfit and one dressed up outfit.
    • It allows you to completely transform your session and have many different images to choose from!
  5. DO NOT be matchy matchy.
    • Trying to match each other is not only dificult, but it doesn’t turn out well either. Find colors that go well with one another! You’ll thank me later!
  6. Try to avoid tiny patterns
    • Tiny patterns don’t turn out well in the camera. So when it comes to patterns… Go Big! (Flannels, flowers, ect.)
  7. Accessorize!! Jewelry, Scarves, Belts… LOVE! These bring such personality to images.
  8. Dress on the same scale.
    • For example, if you are wearing a cocktail dress, he should probably wear a suit or a nicer outfit to match your fancy dress!
  9. This tip isn’t for everyone, but some couples try to find outfits that match their wedding colors. So when you send the save the date it matches your invitation suite!
    • Like I was saying before, make sure you are comfortable and confident in the outfits you choose, but definitely don’t be afraid to buy a tulle skirt or a fun hat or those awesome shoes! This is one of the few times to be able to wear those things, so go for it!!

A little side note, do not be afraid to ask your photographer for help or advice! I absolutely love helping my brides pick the perfect outfit!

I hope this Wedding Wednesday post helps your planning! Have a great week, and I’ll see you all next week with “How to Pick the Perfect Location!”

Happy Planning!!


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