Mash Up Monday

April 3, 2017


I know, a little late (shocker), but today’s Mash Up Monday is a good one, so let’s get started!

This weekend was pretty amazing!

Friday:  Saying Farewell to an AMAZING friend

Friday night I hung out with old friends to say farewell to an amazing woman who is moving to Texas this week. (I don’t think it has fully hit me yet, but man when it does it’s going to hit me hard!) My dear friend, Monique, is one of those people that you immediately gravitate towards. She has such an incredible light about her that you just don’t find in many people! She has been my confidant, my workout buddy, my go to foodie, and my friend! I would not have survived last year without her. (Okay, crap, now it’s hitting me!) I’m going to miss her so much more than she even knows. Life brings so many people into your life, and I am so lucky life brought her into mine!

Saturday:  Proposal, Naps, and Top Golf

Okay, pulling myself together… Saturday, I woke up bright and early to photograph a proposal, and you guys, it was absolutely beautiful! I was so incredibly nervous, but everything worked out just like Steve and I planned and SHE SAID YES!! I cannot wait to share more of those images tomorrow! On Saturday night, a group of friends went to Top Golf! SO much fun! We waited for 3 hours… It was definitely worth it though!

Sunday:  MY New Brunch Place, Drum Circles, and an Engagement Session

Sunday was also such a nice day! I finally found my perfect brunch place in Ashburn, and I cannot tell you how long I have been searching for one!! It is now my life goal to become a regular. Sunday night I headed to Meridian Hill Park for an engagement session. First off, I parallel parked like a champ! When I walked up to the park though, all you heard were drums… SO many drums. The park was jam packed with people, but we made it work and it was the perfect evening for an engagement session!


As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the last week:

  • Strawberry Jalapeno Margaritas… SO good! Definitely a new favorite!
  • MJ and I have been going out to eat a lot lately. I love it, but man, it’s taking a tole on that bank account! Wegman’s we will be heading your way soon!
  • This isn’t anything new, but my sisters are incredible! Kellie finishing up her senior year and is kicking butt, and Krissy is in her final weeks of her freshman year doing SO well! They are amazing!
  • Proposals are my new favorite things to photograph. They may give me all the butterflies, but there is nothing better than seeing the girls faces light up! It’s indescribable!

Overall such an amazing week and weekend, and this coming weekend is my first wedding of 2017! YAY! I’m getting SO excited! I hope you all have a great Monday, and stay tuned for many beautiful blog posts this week!! Check out the sneak peeks below!



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