Mash Up Monday

April 9, 2018

What an awesome unexpected free weekend for MJ and I! For a couple of days, the weather had said we were supposed to get any where from 5-8 inches this Saturday, so with that, my couple decided to reschedule their session for another weekend (they also were fighting colds)! This then meant free weekend for me!

On Friday, we had a chill night, and then on Saturday, we went to Top Golf with friends for brunch, napped (because why not), and then went to a brewery with more friends! The best part about this brewery? The taco restaurant connected to it. On Sunday, we slept in, ran some errands, and then spent the afternoon hanging out with new friends for a puppy date and OH MY GOODNESS, it went SO well! Best Puppy Date Ever! Not only did Lily and Leia (Hunter and Lauren’s adorable golden doodle) hit it off, but MJ and I got to hang out with Hunter and Lauren, and I think it’s safe to say, the three of us will be hanging out a lot more! Such a fun day!

Definitely an amazing weekend to end the last of free weekends for a while! My weddings start in two weeks, and next weekend is filled with engagement sessions! I’ve been so spoiled to spend so much time with MJ and Lily and friends, but now it’s getting time to gear up for an amazing wedding season!

As always, lessons learned/events that have transpired over the past week:

  • I totally cursed myself last week when I said I was good at Top Golf!! I totally choked this weekend!
  • Another successful Game Night at Loudoun Brewing Company, definitely make sure to come out on Thursdays for a beer and a game night!
  • MJ and I have been meeting a lot of new friends lately, and I love it!
  • Lily is still pooped out from her play date yesterday! Like she is sore, definitely got a good workout!
  • 2019 is already half way booked up! Isn’t that crazy!? And 2018 doesn’t have a free weekend until November! So blessed!

I think that’s about it for my Mash Up Monday! Stay tuned for blog posts this week: A Pippin Hill Wedding and How the Rising Tide Society changed my life!

Have a great Monday, friends!


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