Dear Bride: 5 Tips on Where to Have Your Engagement Session

April 13, 2016

Once you have booked your wedding photographer, I would start looking into setting a date for the engagement session, and more important where you would like to have the session done. This is one of the of the biggest questions I get when planning the engagement session (this and what to wear). Here are some ideas and tips on how to pick your perfect location:

  • Places that mean something to you both.
    • Where did you all meet? Where do you spend a lot of time together? Maybe you went to the same college together? These are good questions to ask yourself when choosing a place for your engagement session. If you don’t have a location, that’s okay, go to the next point!


  • Time of year.
    • Depending on when you get engaged, think about the season. For example, if you just got engaged, it’s about to be spring, think about good locations for where you will find a lot of flowers! Maymont Park in Richmond, DC, flower fields, ect.


  • Your venue.
    • Always ask your venue if you can have your engagement session there! You know you already love your venue, so maybe that can be an option for you! I know I’m definitely considering this option!
  • Special connections.
    • Think about who you know, and who might have amazing property, knows the owner to a park, ect. This is where you can get creative, but also get a really unique session as well!
  • Two locations.
    • I love when couples do two locations. Yes, this lowers the amount of pictures taken, but it adds so much diversity to the session! This always helps couples pick a location because then they have more options. A lot of couples try to do a natural location with a city location!



If you read this list and still have no idea of where to have your session, maybe you’ll be inspired by some of my all time favorite/dream locations!

  • A field of flowers.
    • This will always be a dream of mine. Any flowers, any where. You really have to search for this kind of location, but if you find it, it is SO worth it!
  • Maymont Park
    • This location is in Richmond, Virginia. It has so many different looks to it! This location is usually paired with Belle Isle!
  • DC National Arboretum
    • GAH. This location is a dream location for me. It looks absolutely stunning! One day!
  • Fort Monroe.
    • One of my go to engagement session locations! It never lets me down!
  • Pleasure House Point
    • This just looks so beautiful!
  • DC Monuments
    • Always the perfect location! Especially when you go at sunrise! All the monuments to yourself!

The list could go on and on! I always love helping my brides though! I hope you all are planning away (and actually enjoying it hehe)! If you have any questions for please feel free to ask!!


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