Most Recent Purchases from Amazon (P.S. I love them!)

July 14, 2020

Alright, another Amazon haul coming at ya! This one has been my most viewed TikTok yet and growing! These products are so good and they are products that I will definitely buy again!

Here they are:

Makeup Remover Cloth

  • These makeup wipes are dupes for the Makeup Eraser, but more affordable for 2 in a pack! This product is also just as good as everyone says! Makeup comes right off with this cloth and water!

Hair Ties

  • I was in need of new hair ties and these had incredible reviews! They hold your hair tight and don’t crease!

Scalp Massager

  • You need to add this to your shower routine! This massager stimulates hair growth and just feels good!

Biker Shorts

  • I have needed a pair of good workout shorts, and I found some! These also had great reviews! They don’t move at all when you’re exercising and they are comfy! The material is great!

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