Fashion Finds Friday

March 23, 2018

I’m still not sure what to name this potential series- clearly by the terrible, blunt name I gave it above. Here’s what I’m thinking, I love helping my brides find the perfect outfits for their engagement session. I look online for beautiful flowy dresses with awesome colors and patterns and nice materials, for them and for me. While they are mostly dresses I find, I also look for other outfits that I think would photograph beautifully, so why not share that with you all!

This series can be a hit or a huge bust, but I gotta test it out first. Right?

As I am working on structuring this series, I’m going to start with sharing my top 5 clothing items that I found this week!

Let me also preface, I am in no way a fashion blogger or am someone who is looked to for fashion advice. Let’s be real, I wear oversized shirts and yoga pants 90% of the time, but I do like to help my brides because I understand what it’s like to try to find the “perfect” outfit for a session. It’s a little overwhelming and you second guess every decision, so when I can help them or lead them to a store they’ve never heard about, that’s all I care about- being able to be there for them and help them out!

That’s why I’m here today- to help! Take it or leave it!

So here we go… Here are 5 maxi dresses I would wear to a photography session or even as a wedding guest!

  1. First up, a stunning dress from one of my all time favorite stores, VICI. This dress is currently on preorder, but, if you have a summer session coming up, this dress is a dream! You can check it out here!

2. Next we have this stunning and simple maxi dress from Nordstrom. You can also find more versions of this dress at Show Me Your Mumu, but I found it at Nordstrom, so I’m going to link that site. (Sorry for the quality, view it better here.)

3. Next we have a stunning dress from another one of my favorite online stores, LuLus. One of my brides will be wearing this dress for her engagement session soon, and I cannot wait to see it in person! (She got it in blue!) See more options here.

4. For this next dress, I don’t have a picture because it was too small, but view the dress here. This one has a few sparkles to it and is, of course, flowy.

5. And for this last dress, I didn’t like it as much until I saw it on some fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram. It’s a very beautiful, free flowing dress. (Just pair it with a different pair of shoes, and you’re good to go!)

And there ya have it! 5 maxi dresses that I love this week. Feel free to let me know what you think of this series by commenting below! Or if you want to see anything else, I am all ears!

Have a great weekend!


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