My Personal Goals for 2018

February 7, 2018

Before I begin, I want to preface with this- it’s never too “late” to set goals for yourself. I feel like we are all so stuck behind the mindset of “New Year, New Me” or “New Year’s Resolutions”. I know I’ve been there! Why though? There is no rule, no guideline, no restrictions to when goals need to be made. Goals can be set and should be set all year round, so don’t let anything or anyone tell you other wise!

So, let’s begin…

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share a series of goals that I want to accomplish in 2018! Because who doesn’t love reading other people’s goals? Okay. Maybe that is just me, but reading other people’s goals really inspire me and sometimes help me think of new goals for myself! Anyone else?

In my life, there are three different categories that I want to focus on in 2018:  business, finances, and personal. For today’s post, I want to talk about my personal goals that I want to focus on!

  1. People > Social Media Friends
    • This is my BIG goal of 2018. I thrive and live my best life when I’m with people who make me happy- I think it’s a safe assumption everyone is like that! I am a homebody though. An introvert, you might say. I’m terrible at texting back, making plans, and I feel more comfortable in my home than leaving it. Not this year. This year I am focusing on truly being a good friend and telling my introverted self that I need to step out of my comfort zone. Be a friend, have conversations that set your soul on fire, give, listen, be honest. Whose with me?
    • Also, social media has led me to that nasty place of comparison. Anyone else finding themselves playing the comparison game? I’ve fallen into the trap of looking at someone’s “perfect” life and some how either judge myself or them for what someone else posted. WHAT!? Better question, why?
    • I find myself on social media more often then not, and, believe it or not, I actually have made some amazing “social media friends” (people you only talk to through screen)! This year I want to make those friends my real friends by going out of my comfort zone to get to know people as people, not a square on Instagram.
    • So in 2018 (and forever more) I am intentionally making time for people. New friends and old! Wanna hang out? Let me know! 🙂
  2. Self Care
    • Skin
      • Let’s be real, I’m not getting any younger and either is my skin! I’m working really hard to make skin care a priority by investing in good quality products and sticking to a routine!
    • Hydration
      • Okay, so I’m really really bad at drinking enough water each day. I’m changing that this year! I’m going to try take baby steps to do this, but my goal, by the end of the year, is to drink a gallon of water a day!
    • Gym
      • I have this thing where I’m either really good about going to the gym or really bad about going to the gym, there is no equal medium.
      • I am focusing on making a routine that isn’t going to lead me to ultimate failure and push myself to go for at least 45 minutes a day! (This is definitely going to be hard!)
      • Go to the gym PLUS coaching… As some of you know, I coach field hockey in the fall for a local high school team! It’s the best and I adore my girls, BUT it’s time consuming and in the middle of my busy season. Going to the gym is the last thing on my mind… My goal is to either workout with the girls or go 30 minutes before practice and run! Let’s see how that goes for me!
  3. Communication
    • This goal is a really personal one for me, but I want to share it with you. When I get frustrated, upset, or angry my communication skills suck- that’s the nicest way to describe it. I either shut down and don’t talk or say things that just shouldn’t be said.
    • I’ve been really working on this and expressing my thoughts clearly, slowly, and not be a stubborn mule, but it’s a work in progress. I know this goal will impact my marriage and how I approach different situations!
  4. Creating a Routine
    • Where do I even begin? Well, I have a new furry assistant with me now. Every day, I not only have to fit in time to get everything done on my check list, but I also have to take care of Lily! Since she’s still a puppy, she’s needs a good amount of attention and love, so creating a routine will not only help me, but it will help her understand this new lifestyle where momma has to work and can’t play and lay around with her every two seconds!
    • Routines keep things organized and get things done, which is what I need! This is going to be one of my harder goals, but I’m excited to see it happen!
  5. Chores
    • Oh, chores. I avoid them like the plague and it’s evident. I’m in charge of the laundry… Well, let’s just say, I need a routine just for laundry.
    • To really pull my weight in this marriage of mine, I need to do more around the house and be more of a team player. I’m very independent, and I’m slowly realizing that I can’t be that anymore. I need to pull my weight, and that routine goal of mine will surely help make sure that this goal gets done!

So there ya have it! My Personal Goals of 2018! I hope this inspired you or helped you in some way! Let’s have an amazing year together! Feel free to comment below with some of your goals for 2018! I would love to help you achieve your goals!


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