Jun 11

Hi friends! This Mash Up Monday is filled to the brim with sneak peeks, my past week’s adventures, and everything in between. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I was every where this past week. On Monday, I went home to the 757 to get some things done before all my out […]

Better late then never? Right? Well, let’s go with that right now. What a Monday. Actually, correction, what a weekend! Friday weddings have turned into one of my new favorite things! (Especially when they are not followed by a Saturday wedding…) So my Saturday felt like Sunday, and Sunday felt like a whole new and […]

May 29

Anybody else asking themselves, “What day is today?” Because I certainly am. What is going to throw this week off even more is that I have a Friday wedding this week! 3 day week for me! This past weekend though was certainly a good one though! MJ and I traveled to Philly on Saturday for […]

May 21

I’m sorry. Is it actually sunny outside? This past week has been something else in terms of rain and humidity, but I have to say, Mother Nature came through for us this weekend and provided some S-U-N. With a wedding on Saturday, maternity session on Sunday, and an engagement session tonight, it’s safe to say […]

May 14

Oh heyyy there, Monday! What is up? That is right friends, another Monday has arrived meaning we are onto a new week, a fresh start! (I’m trying this new positive outlook thing about Mondays not totally sucking… Let’s see how long this lasts!) This weekend was definitely a good one filled with trivia with new […]