Top Moments of 2017

January 9, 2018

2017 will be my favorite year- forever. It’s that year that every other year will have to compete with. It will be the year that I will look back on for the rest of my life, and I cannot believe that it has come and gone.

Okay, so that sounded pretty depressing, but I think you get what I mean! 2017 brought me so much happiness, of course I had my lows, shed some tears, and had to pick myself back up off the ground, but, more than anything, it brought me so much laughter, joy, and happiness! (AND A HUSBAND!)

Here are my TOP Moments of 2017:

  • First and foremost, I got MARRIED!
    • On June 17, 2017, I married my very best friend and love of my life, MJ! Wow, what a weekend! I lived the best day of my life with my favorite people on this earth! There will never be enough words to explain how much I loved that day!
    • Well, my wedding was the best day of my life, but my honeymoon? Holy moly. Close second, a very close second! Our honeymoon was a dream. I will always LOVE our honeymoon. There is nothing like marrying your person and then spending weeks with them on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. 🙂 No words. I get speechless every time I talk about it!
    • We also met Honeymoon Friends! Kimmy and Karl! It was secretly a goal of mine to meet friends on our honeymoon, but I never imagined it actually happening! We absolutely adore them and I know I’m already trying to plan a trip back for our 5 year anniversary’s! (Their wedding day was on June 17th too!)
  • My Bachelorette Weekend!
    • My best friend planned the best and most perfect bachelorette weekend! Man, it was amazing! My very best girl friends in one place (Naomi and Kristin celebrated from afar)! It was amazing and so so much fun!
    • I now understand why so many people love Charleston, SC! It’s pretty much amazing!
  • Our First Puppy, LILY!
    • A month after our wedding, MJ’s parents surprised MJ with a puppy! We never knew something was missing in our lives until we met Lily. She is our perfect puppy and we are obsessed with her! I love our little family!
  • I booked my first INTERNATIONAL wedding!
    • I still can’t believe it! I am photographing a wedding in Ireland this July! How crazy!? 2017 was a great year for my business… which lead to this…
  • I went FULL TIME!
    • I never knew this day would come. I went full time in my business in October 2017! What!? It’s still very surreal that I get to do what I love so much for a living! It’s so rare to find your passion in life. Not only did I find it, but I am able to do my passion and make a living for myself and my family all at the same time.
    • A huge thank you to MJ, my family, and YOU for making my dream a reality, so thank you! Thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me.
  • AND I got a CAR!
    • My first HUGE adult purchase. I bought a car. A CAR! One that is all mine. Such an adulting experience haha!

2017- thank you for being MY year! 2018- you are shaping to be the year of travel, and I am SO excited to get it started! That’s another blog post for another day though!

Thank YOU again for showing up for me! YOU make each year possible for me to live my dream, and that’s the best gift! Now, let’s show 2018 who is boss and start having the best year ever!


Here are some of my favorite photos of 2017:

April 2017


WEDDING: June 17, 2017



Sunflower Puppy Portraits

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