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Sky Meadows State Park Engagement | Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

November 20, 2018

Ashley inquired with me, and as soon as we talked on the phone I knew she was the perfect CJ Bride! We talked about everything from food to wedding planning to dogs- love at first talk. In all serious though, I was counting down the days to meet them both in person!

These two wanted tall grass and mountains for their engagement session, so we went to my home away from home- Sky Meadows State Park! And everything was perfect… the light, their outfits, and their love. These two have such a fun and playful love! Kahner cares so deeply for Ashley, and being able to photograph this time of their lives is so special.

They are getting married next year at The Burlington Plantation in Williamsburg, Virginia, and I’m so freakin’ excited! Once you see the images below, you will see why! Ashley is going to make the most beautiful bride and Kahner is going to know what hit him! And, if they find a way to bring all 6 of their pups, I will be in dog heaven! (SO EXCITED!)

Enjoy these favorites of mine!




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