Mash Up Monday

April 23, 2018

After spending hours downloading and figuring out how to get this laptop to have everything my iMac has (and talking to an AMAZING potential 2019 CJ Bride for over an hour), I finally got Mash Up Monday up and running! So let’s get this thing started…

This chick could totally use a day of rest after this weekend. My “wedding day” hangover is still in full affect after a long wedding day and an engagement session! So worth it though, so worth it!

Friday morning, I drove down to the 757, picked up my brand new lens (YAY), and then spent the evening hanging out with my momma! She even helped me make my new style board- cannot wait to share those detail shots! Then on Saturday, I photographed my very first wedding of 2018 and it was the best day! Cody and Lindsey are amazing, and I could not be more happy for them! On Sunday, I spent most of the day with my bestie, photographed an engagement session, and then spent the rest of the night introducing my mom to Queer Eye!

And, side note, for any and all that have texted and/or called me over the past month, and have not received a call or text back, please, please, please assume that I did not receive it. My phone is on it’s last days. It has been beyond frustrating because I’m already a terrible texter, but now my phone is making it look like I am the worst texter on the planet! Expect a phone update on next week’s Mash Up!

As always, lessons learned/events that have transpired over the past week:

  • This weather change is killing me! Allergies are still a problem…
  • Believe in yourself and have confidence in what you do and who you are. This week I was challenged with that, and instead of standing up for myself, I questioned myself and my work. WRONG. I was so wrong.
  • Every week, I bring this up, but TRIVIA at Loudoun Brewing Company! MJ is the one who usually runs it, but this week it’s me who will be asking the questions while MJ is out of town!! (We’ll see how this goes!)
  • I miss sleeping so much. I have not been sleeping well the past few weeks, and I miss having a good nights sleep.
  • May is right around the corner! What the heck!? Because that then means that June is right there… WHAT!? Finishing some final Europe and Alaskan cruise planning!
  • Ben and Jerry’s flavor of the month is Boston Creme Pie, and you MUST try it! Surprisingly, ice cream is not really my thing, but this stuff is SO good!

Well, friends, that’s about it! Check out some sneak peeks from this past weekend’s wedding and engagement session, and stay tuned for the blog posts this week!! (I seriously am so excited to share this wedding with you all!)

Have a great Monday and week! xoxo

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