Mash Up Monday

March 5, 2018

You know the song, “Bounce around! Bounce around! Bounce around!”

That’s pretty much how my Monday is going right now- bouncing from one thing to another, but not getting any one thing actually done! Anyone else there with me?

This week is going to be a little crazy. I have my big bridal show this Sunday, and, not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous. This whole setting up a booth thing is a lot harder for me then I thought it would be! (If you are reading this and have any tips for me, please contact me. I’ll give you Starbucks or something haha!)

(Insert me getting up and then working on my booth… “Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!”)

Okay, I’m back! Let’s get into what this weekend looked like for me… Food, wind, more food, engagement session, planning and booking our European adventure! Intermingle Lily being a brat and getting into things she wasn’t supposed to throughout that.

(Insert me looking up average costs of traveling and vacationing in Italy… I promise this will be done before MJ gets home. (I have 2 hours.))

Overall, this past weekend was amazing and so much fun! I may need to run a bazillion miles to work off all the food I consumed, but it was so worth it.

(Insert computer not working, restarting said computer, calling my sister, walking Lily, making a late lunch, and answering emails… STRUGGLE.)

As always, lessons learned/events that have transpired over the past week:

  • I found a game on the Nitendo Switch that I actually like/kind of obsessed with! I never thought I would see the day!
  • Finding and picking places to stay all over Europe is not as easy as you would think, so many choices!
  • Lily is the best birth control a girl can have… Holy moly. Kids? No thank you!!
  • Wind is no joke. MJ didn’t have work on Friday because of it, homes and restaurants were out of power, and shingles were flying off homes! So crazy!

Hours later, my Mash Up Monday is finally written. (Literally shaking my head!) Now time to get the other things on my to-do list done, and then Lily starts her first day at puppy school!! (Convenient timing after the weekend she just had!) Thank you for stopping by the blog and enjoy the rest of your Monday!


P.S. Stay tuned for more of my favorite images from this weekend’s engagement session!

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