Mash Up Monday

November 27, 2017

It’s Monday, so we all know what that means… Mash Up Monday time! AND today’s post is a good one because this past week I accomplished three HUGE things that I have never done before. Are you ready?

Let’s break this up into bullet points because, let’s be honest, you’ll more likely read them if I do it that way.

    • A brand new 2017 Honda CRV! This is huge for me and I am so excited! This car has heated seats and a sunroof and I can play my phone through bluetooth!! SAY WHAT!?
    • A huge thank you to my mom and dad for everything. Literally everything. They have always been my biggest support system and I am so thankful for them. I’m so truly lucky to have them.
  2. I GOT A HAIR CUT… Like an actual cut.
    • This is a big thing in my life because I have only gotten my hair “cut” 3 times in my life. (I get trims that are no more then an inch every time!)
    • I’m still trying to figure out how to style it, but it’s super light and healthy which is nice! Pictures to come soon!
    • This year is MJ and I’s first holiday season as a married couple, so the splitting of holiday’s has begun. First up this year was Thanksgiving with his family! Not going to lie, definitely weird, but it was so much fun and I’m really thankful to have another family in my life. They are crazy sometimes, but now they are my crazy haha!

There ya have it! My big three accomplishments of the week!

A lot of these were listed above, but as always, lessons learned/events that have transpired over the past week:

  • Cyber Monday is going on today, and I’m already going a little spending crazy… It’s such a good day to stock up on memory cards and gifts!! But I really should not be spending a dime right now… Wish me luck!
  • Speaking of deals… Anyone do Black Friday?? I did not, thank goodness, but I did spend my Friday in Williamsburg with MJ’s family! We got family pictures done, walked around Williamsburg, and went to Christmas Town!
  • Christmas Town is the best! If you have the chance to go, GO! You won’ regret it!

Well, not too much today because I’m trying to multitask- Cyber Monday shop and finish this post… SOOO I’m going to stop here and get back to the shopping!

Have an amazing Monday, friends!


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