Dear Bride: How to Stay Organized

January 10, 2017

Hey there, pretty lady! I haven’t slacking on this series because my wedding planning has been in full swing, but today I want to help you out and give some advice on how to stay organized!

I’m going to be honest, I had NO idea all of the many things that need to be organized and planned for a wedding day. It’s kind of crazy! In a blink of an eye, you have a million things on your to do list and it is SO incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and a little bit on the insane side. Been there… Still there. I get it, but today I want to show you some ways that have worked for me and that have worked for my past and current brides!!


Step 1.  First and foremost, enjoy and be excited that you are engaged! You are in no rush to start planning! Yes, mom really wants you to start planning this instant and you are having everyone ask what all the plans are, but you can totally take your time. Your fiance isn’t going any where!

Step 2. Create a Wedding Email.

  • After you have completed Step 1, here comes the organization part! Make a wedding email! My brides cannot stress this enough! This helps keep all your wedding emails in one place, and it allows both you and your fiance to have access to it!
    • If you are feeling super organized, make separate folders in the wedding email for the different vendors!
    • The more organized you are the less overwhelmed you are! They go hand in hand!

Step 3. Google Docs

  • Google Docs are going to become your best friend. Many of my brides created spreadsheets for many different aspects of their wedding.
    • Budget, if you want more advice on budgets head on over to this POST!
    • Guest List with Guest Count, Addresses
    • Seating Charts
    • Timeline
    • Vendor Contacts

Step 4. A Bride Binder

  • A binder is good for the bride’s that love highlighting and note taking and having something tangible to plan in! I have had many brides print off excel sheets and put them in their wedding binder!


  • Alright, the good stuff! Here are some awesome websites some of my bride’s have used to help them do all the tasks listed above!
    • Pinterest
      • Pinterest is a girl’s dream to everything, and now that you are wedding planning you can finally look at that wedding board you made 5 years ago! On this website you can find everything and anything!! You just have to be prepared that Pinterest can get overwhelming. It’s like going into Forever 21, if you aren’t mentally prepared, you are going to walk right out with nothing because there is too much to look at and buy!
    • The Knot
      • The Knot has a lot of fun and good resources for brides! Everything from checklists to new ideas to wedding inspiration!
    • Wedding Wire
      • This website is helpful for finding vendors!

Step 6.  Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator!!

  • I cannot stress this enough! After photographing over 40 weddings, I can confidently say that Day of Wedding Planners make a wedding day run 10x more smoothly than not having one. Don’t get me wrong, I understand you are trying to save money. Weddings are expensive!! I 100% understand, and I thought that I could easily do without one too at one point… WRONG! After this year, I wouldn’t dare have a wedding without one.
  • No, friends and family do not count as Wedding Planners! It might save you money, but it does not help the day run smoothly. Also, you want them to enjoy your wedding day!! Let them relax and have fun!! Hiring someone is the best solution, and in no way will you regret that decision!

Okay. After reading all those steps, you still feel like you are sinking in quick sand. I suggest hiring a Full Coverage Wedding Planner! Someone who will do all of the planning for you! Yes, you will still have to make some decisions here and there, but most of the planning is taken off your hands!!


AND LAST FINAL AMAZING ADVICE… This is what I am currently using to plan my wedding and I am head over heels in love with this website. It’s incredible. Before you fall in love too, I do want to warn you that it costs money… It’s worth every penny, in my opinion, but may not work for you!

So what is it you ask? Aisle Planner. This site has everything you could possibly need and more all in one place! You can design how you want your wedding to look, it has a checklist, guest list, timelines, notes, seating chart and so much more! I cannot fully express how much this website has helped me thus far! IT’S AMAZING! Check it out here!

These are just a few tips and tricks to keep you organized and to keep you on track!! PLEASE feel free to email me about any and all questions with your wedding planning! I am no expert, but I am experiencing it all right now, so I am full of knowledge based on the mistakes and successes I have had thus far!!




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