The first thing I noticed about Sara and Steven after meeting about a year ago was that they were friends. Best friends. They were 100% on the same page, finished each other’s sentences, and were absolutely overjoyed that they were finally getting married. Then, throughout the whole process from engagement session to the wedding day, […]

Oct 31

Being a wedding photographer is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I’m not only able to live out my passion, but I am also able to meet the most incredible people. I am even so lucky to be able to call these people my friends! Over the past year, I have loved getting […]

Oct 17

A Beautiful Fall Big Spring Farm Wedding As I took the exit to Big Spring Farm, I couldn’t help but think back to just a few months ago when I was being driven to the same place, but instead of a camera in my hand, I was in a beautiful dress getting ready to see […]

Oct 11

I knew after their engagement session (you’ve got to see it here!) that getting these two beautiful humans in front of our camera again would be incredible. And it was. This time, they were in a gorgeous wedding gown and a dapper black tux, and it was ON! What’s so great about this sweet couple, […]

When I walked into Katlyn’s grandmother’s house, I was instantly greeted and welcomed into what was going to be one of the most amazing days. Katlyn is not only my bride, but she is a dear friend and sorority sister, so as soon as I saw her I gave her the biggest hug! This sweet […]


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