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The one thing that can’t go unnoticed when looking through this blog post is Kyle and Madison’s laughter and excitement. The joy that filled this beautiful day was unforgettable and incomparable! I loved photographing their engagement session and the genuine laughter and emotion they had together, and I knew that their wedding day would be something special. […]

Jules & Nate are perfect together. They both love music, they share the same sense of humor, and I even think they look a little bit alike. It’s like they were made for each other! They adore each other, and I honestly could never see them with anyone else. God created this union long ago, […]

Tara and Hunter are just the sweetest couple. By the end of this blog, you’ll feel like you know them personally, just by the way they look at each other with such love! I spent the day with them and their families to witness and capture the beginning of their forever, and I’m in love […]

Today on the blog, I’m celebrating Brittany & Mike’s beautiful wedding at The Tidewater Inn! I couldn’t help but be all smiles when I was putting this post together, because come on, look at all this joy! Brittany & Mike are such joyful people with joyful families and joyful friends. Going into this wedding, I […]

Jenna and Sean’s relationship goes all the way back to Poquoson High School and has taken them through college, different cities, first jobs, and all the way to the wedding day! These two are truly the best of friends, and that is so evident in their photos. The way they dance and laugh together is […]


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