Mash Up Tuesdays happen for one of two reasons… When Monday is a holiday OR I forget that it’s Monday. Well, both those reasons happened yesterday, so here’s a Mash Up Tuesday for you all! This weekend was a long and busy filled weekend! On Friday, I met up with a “social media” friend and […]

One of my first questions to MJ this morning was, “Should I still do my Mash Up Monday series?” With Facebook not sharing content to everyone and slowly starting to weed out business pages and posts, I’m finding it discouraging to blog- especially my Mash Up Monday series. Blogging is harder then it seems. First […]

Good morning, friends! I’m not going to lie, I almost completely forgot about Mash Up Monday! And not because my Monday started off slow or unproductive (for once). This morning I got up energized and ready to start the day! I got my emails done, Instagram post up, and now I’m learning from an educational […]

Snow, ice, and wind chills! What does this mean? Well, this means two things… Never leaving my house, unless I need food. MJ has had three “snow days”, meaning he has been off since Thursday! (I love him, but he is definitely a distraction.)   Other then winter officially hitting Virginia, we are officially a […]

Happy Monday, friends! It’s December!! Which means the decorations are up, the Hallmark Channel is on 24/7, and that hot chocolate is always the answer. Like most people, MJ and I love Christmas! It’s truly the feeling that comes with this holiday that makes it so great! We got our Christmas tree (that typically stays […]


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