Oh, Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday… I’m not ready for Monday. After an amazing weekend off, I could use another Sunday right about now. (Which is sad to say because I slept most of yesterday!) This weekend was my first ever, self appointed, weekend off. By that, I mean, I’ve never given myself a weekend off. […]

Apr 30

Boy, oh boy! It’s Monday and it sure does feel like it. After a busy weekend with no husband, little to no sleep (thank you Lily), and a bump with a cement column, you can safely say that I’m in need of another weekend… But I’ll take the start of a new week! This past […]

Apr 23

After spending hours downloading and figuring out how to get this laptop to have everything my iMac has (and talking to an AMAZING potential 2019 CJ Bride for over an hour), I finally got Mash Up Monday up and running! So let’s get this thing started… This chick could totally use a day of rest […]

Apr 16

Monday, you arrived too early. No one was ready for you. This weekend was filled with rest, trying to figure out ways to feel better, and an engagement session! (AKA not actually resting and sitting at my computer. I have a problem.) And to top it all off, now MJ is stick with something else… […]

What an awesome unexpected free weekend for MJ and I! For a couple of days, the weather had said we were supposed to get any where from 5-8 inches this Saturday, so with that, my couple decided to reschedule their session for another weekend (they also were fighting colds)! This then meant free weekend for […]