Nov 13

Happy Monday, friends! You know what I decided to do this morning? I decided to sleep in. Yeah, I said it. Sleep in. For once, I listened to my body. My over worked, stressed out, exhausted body that said you need sleep, and I decided to give myself some grace, realize that I am only […]

Oct 30

Mornin’ friends! This morning started with a 4:30 AM wake up call… Not the best way to start a Monday, but it was worth it to spend so much time with some of my best friends! My birthday weekend was fun, relaxing, and the perfect combination of what I love most. This year I decided […]

Oct 23

Weekends come and go way too quickly. One of the best things though? Being able to wake up and do what I truly love. It’s refreshing. This weekend was amazing though. It was filled with my favorite things:  family, the Seafood Festival, and food. I loved every moment of it! I also photographed my beautiful […]

Oct 16

It’s my first Monday as a full time boss lady, and how convenient… it’s also my 100th Mash Up Monday! 100, you guys! I write these posts for you all, and over the past few years this series of blog posts has become my most viewed post each week! I might ramble a lot and […]

Oct 10

I cannot believe this day has come… Today is my LAST DAY at my 9-5 job. I. Corrin, will be a full time wedding photographer after 3 PM today! On a day to day basis, if you ask me what I do for a living, I will tell you that I am a wedding photographer, […]


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