OH HEY, Monday! It’s raining cats and dogs, which means two things:  Field hockey practice is going to be inside and bleh AND Lily is going to be wet all day long. Thanks, Monday. Before I get into anything… Let’s talk GoT… THE LAST FIVE MINUTES!! WHAT!? So crazy. I don’t want to spoil anything […]

Jul 17

Hello everybody!! This isn’t going to be your typical Mashup Monday because Corrin isn’t writing the post today. Today’s post will be written by…….drum roll please……… her husband (still so weird saying that)!!!!!! Corrin is out of town this week on a mission with members from her church back in our hometown, Poquoson. They’ll be […]

If you have followed the blog, you know how this post goes… I tell you about my favorite place on the planet and share portraits I took of my sisters! (My goal is to be a Stone Harbor Wedding Photographer!) If you’re new around here, here is some insight about me and Stone Harbor! Stone […]

Jul 10

Happy Monday, friends! I know it’s almost 1 PM, but today I might just have the best excuse ever for being late on a blog post… Drum Roll Please! MJ and I have a PUPPY!! I’m going to introduce her to the blog family next week, but, for now, her name is Lily and she […]

OH HEYYY! I’m back in the real world (kinda) and you all know what that means… Mash Up Monday is BACK! It’s been three weeks since I’ve been on the blog and for someone who blogs at least twice a week, that was not an easy task. I will admit that it was exactly what […]


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