Oct 16

It’s my first Monday as a full time boss lady, and how convenient… it’s also my 100th Mash Up Monday! 100, you guys! I write these posts for you all, and over the past few years this series of blog posts has become my most viewed post each week! I might ramble a lot and […]

Oct 10

I cannot believe this day has come… Today is my LAST DAY at my 9-5 job. I. Corrin, will be a full time wedding photographer after 3 PM today! On a day to day basis, if you ask me what I do for a living, I will tell you that I am a wedding photographer, […]

My internal clock is a hot mess right now! After my double header weekend and today being a holiday, I can’t believe today is Monday! My weekend felt like a complete blur, but then I start looking at all the beautiful images I took, and, OH MY GOODNESS, you guys, I cannot wait to share […]

I just want to start off with this news… I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT TODAY!! EEK! Holy Moly… I could not be more excited. (Side note: MJ’s sister, not mine haha!) Now back to how I normally start these blog posts… Another week, another Monday. Boo. The curse of the Mondays has hit yet […]

Sep 25

It’s Monday. It’s Mash Up Monday time. Okay, so you’re probably wondering about this Go Getter’s Getaway… What is it? Why do you want to go so badly? You won’t stop posting about it. And… When will it stop? Yeah, I hear ya, I hear ya, well let me tell you more! This getaway is […]


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