Good morning, friends, and Happy Monday to ya! Today, I’m going to have to keep to coffee rolling to try and keep my eyes open! Any body else having that kind of Monday?? After driving 10+ hours this weekend, I would rather walk every where than get back into my vehicle. Everyone on the road […]

May 29

Good morning, friends! Can I just say whoever came up with the idea to have holidays on Mondays was a genius!? There is nothing better than realizing on a Sunday night that you get one more day of rest! AH YEAH! This weekend was filled with a whole lot of travel and surprisingly not a […]

May 22

Oh HEY, Monday! Answer this question for me, what in the world did you do with Saturday and Sunday? Another weekend has come and gone, and I don’t quite understand how time is going by SO FAST! MJ’s countdown to summer has commenced, and his countdown to summer is practically a countdown to our wedding […]

May 15

Good morning, friends, and Happy Monday to ya! If you follow me on Instagram, you have been up to date on my sickness and sadly now I have a sinus infection… Doctor’s office twice in less than one week! You can say it’s been a rough week and poor MJ has had to deal with […]

Well, Monday, we meet again… You would think by this time I would be used to you and greet you with open arms, but I cannot say that is so. I still cringe on Sunday nights knowing that you are the next day. Sadly, after a crazy and amazing weekend of photography and travel, I […]


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