I say this every year… “This year is going to be my best year yet!” Because every year it becomes just that, the best. 2018 is not only bringing me to new venues in different places and states, but, for the first time, in a different country! Say, what? I will be traveling to Ireland […]

A Spring Waterperry Farm Engagement Session When Sarah first contacted me months ago about her October 2019 wedding, we clicked instantly. After talking all about her love story with Ryan and her wedding day plans, I knew we were meant to be! (Me and Sarah, obviously haha.) One thing sticks in my mind about our […]

A Rustic Beauty and The Beast Themed Wedding When Kim first inquired with me, she described her wedding day like so, “Our wedding is going to be a rustic Beauty and the Beast theme!” And these were the many thoughts that went throughout my head… “Sold. Okay, so, now, she needs to hire me, but […]

A Georgetown University Engagement Session Over two weeks ago, I received an email from a guy named Ed, and he wanted me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend, Katie. Um, YES. Duh! I’m always down to photograph a proposal! Here’s the catch. They both live in NY and I live in Northern Virginia and […]

A Rainy and Romantic Washington DC Monument Proposal She said, “YES!” Over 2 months ago, Peter messaged me, asking if I would photograph his proposal to his girlfriend, Haili! What he didn’t know was that I was waiting for his message for what has seemed like years. Haili was my first friend when I went […]


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