Have you ever wanted neighbors that were your age, instant friends, and go-to hangout buddies? I know I have always wanted that. You can’t beat walking literally a foot to hang out with friends, especially these two! Andrew and Maya are the perfect pair and the perfect pair of friends for MJ and I! We […]

A Northern Virginia Mountain Maternity Session I met Dan and Amber almost 3 years ago at Brandon and Colleen‘s wedding, and we’ve been friends ever since. From trivia nights, to birthday parties, to engagements, to weddings, we’ve been there for each other’s really big events, and now they are having a baby! Baby Lane is […]

A Beautiful Fort Monroe Maternity Session I have loved watching more and more friends enter into the season of becoming a mother. There is so much beauty and joy in it, and documenting a growing family is such an incredible honor! Especially for this sweet friend of mine, who I have known since 4th or […]

I am BEAMING right now. A big, fat, goofy grin is plastered on my face because for many, many hours this week, I’ve relived each engagement, anniversary, and portrait sessions of 2017. I’ve looked through thousands of images of some of my favorite people kissing, giggling, playing, and loving on the person that means the […]

This year was the year of PUPPIES! I have never actually photographed dogs before until my engagement session with Zach and Amy, but that quickly changed after this post. After I posted a picture of their adorable puppy, Leo, everyone started bringing their dogs to their engagement sessions, and I was not complaining one bit because […]


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