You know the song, “Bounce around! Bounce around! Bounce around!” That’s pretty much how my Monday is going right now- bouncing from one thing to another, but not getting any one thing actually done! Anyone else there with me? This week is going to be a little crazy. I have my big bridal show this […]

A Rainy and Romantic Washington DC Monument Proposal She said, “YES!” Over 2 months ago, Peter messaged me, asking if I would photograph his proposal to his girlfriend, Haili! What he didn’t know was that I was waiting for his message for what has seemed like years. Haili was my first friend when I went […]

A Winter Breaux Vineyards Engagement Session It’s a rare occasion when I know the groom better then I know the bride! The best part about this story is that I never imagined I would be the photographer for MJ and I’s favorite, go-to waiter from El Sol. When MJ and I were doing long distance, […]

Feb 26

Well, my morning started with a punch in the face by my puppy, followed by my internet not working, to then top it off by seeing that I had 86 comments of spam to sort through (once I figured out the internet issue). How’s your Monday so far? And don’t even get me started on […]

Feb 22

Almost three years ago, I moved to Northern Virginia to live with MJ, my boyfriend at the time. We had done long distance for over a year and a half, so we decided to make a big move and live with one another! (It obviously worked out in our favor.) My computer was no longer […]


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