Welcome to the first Mash Up of 2018! How crazy, how freakin’ crazy! I cannot believe 2017 has come and gone. By far the best year of my life has past, and now I’m hoping 2018 can fill the shoes that 2017 left for it. The past two weeks have been filled with family, friends, […]

Dec 28

I can’t believe we have three days until 2018! Can you guys believe it!? We’re all thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year, but it’s also time to reflect on the previous year and all that’s happened. I posted my 2017 Engagement Highlights earlier this week, and today, I’m showcasing all of the incredible weddings that I’ve […]

I am BEAMING right now. A big, fat, goofy grin is plastered on my face because for many, many hours this week, I’ve relived each engagement, anniversary, and portrait sessions of 2017. I’ve looked through thousands of images of some of my favorite people kissing, giggling, playing, and loving on the person that means the […]

This year was the year of PUPPIES! I have never actually photographed dogs before until my engagement session with Zach and Amy, but that quickly changed after this post. After I posted a picture of their adorable puppy, Leo, everyone started bringing their dogs to their engagement sessions, and I was not complaining one bit because […]

Dec 18

Every year, when the holidays hit, my days start blending together. I almost forgot that today was Monday! The shopping to-do list is getting shorter and shorter- thanks Amazon, and the business to-do list? Well, I have one more engagement session before the new year, my “Best of 2017” posts, and some inquiry emails, but […]


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