I’m going to keep this short and sweet because if you’ve read my Hawaii itinerary post or have seen their Virginia engagement session blog post you know all about these two and their love story! For those who are new around here, let me do a quick recap for ya! These two love birds are […]

I invited a stranger to Hawaii with me… Okay, so she wasn’t a complete stranger, we met one and a half times (HA), but I knew a very limited amount of info about her and yet was about to go on an 8 day vacation to a tropical island with her… So, yes, if we […]

The Story of When, Where, How, and Why I planned a trip to Hawaii in a moments notice. I’m not going to lie. That trip was the most spur of the moment trip I have done! I bought the plane tickets literally two weeks before I was going to leave, and if you know me, […]

Jan 16

The one thing that can’t go unnoticed when looking through this blog post is Kyle and Madison’s laughter and excitement. The joy that filled this beautiful day was unforgettable and incomparable! I loved photographing their engagement session and the genuine laughter and emotion they had together, and I knew that their wedding day would be something special. […]

April and Tim are so, so special to us. These two have been friends for years. Both Tim and April attended our wedding, and now we’ll be attending theirs this August! MJ and Tim have been best friends for most of their lives, so this wedding is going to be filled with so many good […]


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