28 Things I Love About MJ

March 8, 2018

Today is MJ’s 28th birthday, and a perfect excuse to tell the world 28 reasons why I love him!

  1. His heart.
  2. His commitment to his friends and family.
    • MJ is the BEST at keeping in touch and connecting with the people in his life. He is so good about calling, not just texting, his friends on their birthdays, calling his grandparents to personally thank them for gifts he has received, texting people back in a reasonable amount of time (I’m really sorry, friends, we all know I do not do that).
  3. His love for a good burger.
    • MJ’s go-to food is a burger. His mottos is “If a place can’t cook a good burger, how am I supposed to trust their other food is good.”
  4. His love of learning random facts.
    • If we’re talking about something random and someone doesn’t know the answer, MJ will immediately Google it. King of random facts!
  5. His cooking skills, and that he makes dinner for me every night. (I know, I am very spoiled.)
  6. He’s funny. Sometimes. 😉
  7. How nerdy he is! My man can answer any Star Wars questions you give him!
  8. His laugh.
  9. How much he loves Lily.
    • Sometimes I debate whether or not MJ loves me or Lily more…
  10.  His love for his students.
    • Not a lot of people know this, but MJ is a 3rd Grade Teacher. He doesn’t get enough credit for this, but, man, I am so incredibly proud of him. He is so loved and appreciated in his school, and I love that he is truly 100% there for his students. (Also, he has to work with a ton of women all day, every day! We all know that isn’t always easy, especially being the only male…)
  11. He has no shame. AKA he’ll do just about anything to get a laugh.
    • Sometimes this quality of his is super embarrassing (for me), but I love him for it. Never say, “You won’t!” Because he will.
  12. His love for food.
  13. His hair. Man has a good head of hair!
  14. His ability to make friends with everyone he meets. He thrives off people, and the best part about that is that he can make the most shy person get out of their shell!
  15. His passion for music.
  16. His love and knowledge about sports!
    • I love that MJ can be any man’s best friend by knowing so much about these two subjects:  Sports and Star Wars/Video Games/Nerd Stuff. He is BIG into Fantasy Football, and could easily talk to you for hours about different players and stats!
  17. His is a book nerd.
    • If he’s not playing video games with his friends, he is curled up on the couch reading a book!
  18. He loves finding the coolest pairs of socks!
  19. His loyalty to the Redskins, no matter how consistently bad they are.
  20. MJ is cute all the time, but when he wears his glasses, it’s like I have my very own Clark Kent!
  21. His positivity about life and the people around him. He’s the ying to my yang.
  22. He believes in doing things well.
  23. How he loves me.
  24. He is really good at pretty much everything, and if he’s not, he learns how to be really good at it. (I thought I was competitive until I met him!)
  25. How good he is at climbing and diving into the water! When he wants to be adventurous, he is really good about finding the best hidden spots and treasures!
  26. He is really good at not letting little things get to him! Don’t get me wrong, he does stress out about stuff, but not about things he doesn’t have control over- like myself.
  27. His mole. (I had to say it…)
  28. He sees the best in people.

MJ, you’re the best man and person, I know, and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for you. Happy Birthday, Husband! I love you!

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