2019 Goals

August 20, 2019

Goals are goals- no matter when you make them.

Let’s start there. I totally get it. New year, new you, new goals! You look at the past year and find things that worked, things that didn’t work, and things that you didn’t get to, so making goals at the beginning of the year makes sense. BUT, there is never a “right” time to make goals, and I want that to be the first thing you get from this blog post.

You can, and should, make goals all year long. Everything from bite size goals to the big, “who knows if this will happen” goals. So, I’m not going to apologize for “being late” to the goal making game, but I’m going to say welcome to all who are right there with me making goals all day, everyday!

Because I am a strong believer of, “If you put it out into the world, the better chance of it really happening!”

So, now that’s out in the open, let’s talk about my goals and what I am super pumped about for 2019!

Goals for 2019 (or the goals I have thus far):

  • My BIGGEST Goal: Turn my house into a home.
  • Use social media (I’m looking at you Instagram) as it’s supposed to be used. To be social… I want to start posting more about me and my life, not just the beautiful people I photograph, but ME and the beautiful people that are a part of it.
  • Not only giving my clients the best experience, but also creating an experience for the wedding vendors I work with.
  • Creating a more solid schedule AND sticking to it. (Work wise and personal)
  • Go on a walk with my husband and pup more often then not.
  • Creating a whole new website… (more to come on this!) EEK!
  • Find a hobby that is good for my soul AND sticking to it.
  • Meet more friends. Wedding professionals and just good people.
  • And speaking of friends, calling and talking to the close friends I already have! I’m a terrible texter, but I know that can’t be my excuse for catching up with great friends!
  • And my “who knows if this will happen” goal: Photograph an elopement in Italy. (I’ll take any country, but I want to go back to Italy so badly!)
  • Start photographing with film again, for me. Go back to my roots.

Some of those have been on my mind for a while and the last few just came to me while I was writing this post!

I have a bunch of goals, and looking at this list can seem overwhelming, but I’m excited to dig deep into each goal, create a plan, and go from there. Breaking down big goals into bite size goals really helps me achieve what I am aiming for and in the end not get overwhelmed or stressed or distracted (constant struggle)!

So, what are your 2019 goals? Or if you wrote down your goals back in January, how are they going? Comment below! I’d love to hear them!

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